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Herbal Acne Treatment Recipe

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In most cases acne is caused by hormonal changes that take place during menopause or adolescence. Diet can also be very important to your acne. Try to avoid foods that are very fatty. Foods such as dairy produce, chocolate, alchohol, and coffee. Instead be sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
You can try a herbal tea made from dandelion root, burdock, cleavers, and echinacea to cleanse the blood.
To help regulate and hormonal problems, women can try chaste berry used daily.

To Use
1: Steam your face for five to ten minutes to clean the pores with hot infusions of lavender, camomile, or thyme.
2: Rinse your face with honeywater, rosewater, or a dilute infusion of marigold tea to tone and close the pores.
3: Do this every day until the skin starts to heal.